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Free Flash Cards

Our free web-based flash cards are now available!   We’ve currently posted flash cards for:



This will give you a taste of how the flash cards work in Spanish Anywhere.  However, we’ve got way more categories in the mobile version (over 80!) and you can even add your own words.

One of our favorite features is that it lets you practice the gender of nouns:  we’ll only show you its a noun, but when you flip over the card, we tell you if its masculine or feminine.

New User Interface Coming Soon

We’ve been working on a beautiful new user interface for Spanish Anywhere for the next big release.  Here’s is a sneak peak of our new main menu.  All of the features you love about Spanish Anywhere are still in the application, but it just looks a whole lot better and is easier to read.  We are also introducing a cool new feature that we’ll write about in our next blog post.

Hear Every Phrase

One of our most requested features is to actually hear the phrases being spoken by a native speaker, and we’ve been hard at work incorporating this into the next iPhone release.  In the next big release, you’ll see an audio icon next to each phrase.  If you are connected to the Internet on your phone, just tap the audio icon, and it will fetch the spoken phrase from our servers and play it right on your phone!

We have been busy in the studio recording all the English and Spanish, and its been a lot of fun working with our voice actors to make sure the phrases sound just perfect.

This will be a free update for iPhone users.  We expect to be finished in June for a late June or early July release of this next version.

Ordering Coffee and Buying Vegetables

On our Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ve been posting new phrases and words for you to learn.  Follow along!

How do you like your coffee? :: ¿Cómo te gusta el café?

Check out the COFFEE section of FOOD & RESTAURANT in Spanish Anywhere to brush up on your coffee ordering skills:

black coffee :: café negro

coffee with milk :: café con leche

coffee with a little milk :: café con poca leche

coffee with milk and sugar :: café con leche y azúcar

What vegetables do we need to buy at the market? :: ¿Qué vegetales necesitamos comprar en el mercado?

Practice your vegetable vocabulary in the VEGETABLES & LEGUMES section of FOOD LISTS (in REFERENCE):

artichoke :: alcachofa

carrot :: zanahoria

cucumber :: pepino

garlic :: ajo

lettuce :: lechuga

onion :: cebolla

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