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Verb Conjugator

Finding the right tense for verbs is often the most difficult part of learning a new language. But with the easy-to-use Verb Conjugator, finding the correct form is a snap! There are complete conjugations for over 1,500 verbs in every tense, in both Spanish and English. Looking for the present-tense conjugations of the verb Tener (to have)? Spanish Anywhere will tell you:

Yo tengo
Tú tienes
Él tiene
Nosotros tenemos
Vosotros tenéis
Ellos tienen

What if you have a conjugated verb but need to figure out the infinitive form? No problem! Spanish Anywhere also includes a Verb Deconjugator so you can take a verb in any conjugated form and figure out its root. For example:

Tengo –> Tener

With our Verb Conjugator and unique Verb Deconjugator, you’ll master verbs in no time!

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  • “It is the best Spanish app on iTunes! It is so useful, even in my upper level Spanish classes. Spanish is my minor and this app is always helpful. Keep up the great work!” – S.

  • “Just returned from a trip to Ecuador. My Spanish is functional but I often needed to use the dictionary or verb conjugator. I love that you don’t have to be on-line to use these features.” – D.

  • “Right from the start, this app engages your linguistic senses…The wealth of content really is impressive….” –
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