AppAbove, Inc. is happy to announce our largest-ever update of Spanish Anywhere, one of the most full featured Spanish/English learning mobile apps. Slated for iPhone/iPod/iPad launch on July 14, 2011, our latest new and improved Spanish Anywhere now includes Spanish and English audio for every word and phrase, an entirely new user interface, thousands of new words, and more.

Unlike other mobile language apps, Spanish Anywhere’s Spoken Word Audio features native human Spanish and English speakers, very helpful for improving listening and pronunciation.


Spanish Anywhere includes:

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Spanish Anywhere 2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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Spanish Anywhere Audio Samples

Sample Phrases for your Review

Here are some useful phrases you might want to put in your review of Spanish Anywhere.  There are some more sample phrases on our website, as well as thousands more in the application.  Please request a promo code to see Spanish Anywhere in action.

What applications do you recommend? :: ¿Qué aplicaciones recomiendas?

Is there a new application that I should check out? :: ¿Hay una nueva aplicación que debo ver?

How much does that one cost? :: ¿Cuánto cuesta aquella?

My friends said that this one is fantastic. :: Me dijeron mis amigos que ésta es fantástica.

My friends all have it and love it. :: Todos mis amigos la tienen y les encanta.

Does the application run on iPhone and iPad? :: ¿Funciona en iPhone y iPad?

Can you send me a link? I want to check it out. :: ¿Puedes mandarme un link? Quiero ver más información.

Does it run without an Internet connection? :: ¿Funciona sin conexión a Internet?

I’m looking for an application with games and educational content. :: Busco una aplicación con juegos y contenido educativo.

I want an application to learn and practice my Spanish.:: Quiero una aplicación para aprender y practicar mi español.

This one has great content and it looks fabulous. :: Ésta tiene muy buen contenido y luce fabulosa.

They update the content with new versions on a regular basis. :: Actualizan el contenido con nuevas versiones regularmente.

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We look forward to your feedback and hope to hear from you soon!

Aaron Isaksen, President/CEO, AppAbove, Inc.


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  • “It is the best Spanish app on iTunes! It is so useful, even in my upper level Spanish classes. Spanish is my minor and this app is always helpful. Keep up the great work!” – S.

  • “Just returned from a trip to Ecuador. My Spanish is functional but I often needed to use the dictionary or verb conjugator. I love that you don’t have to be on-line to use these features.” – D.

  • “Right from the start, this app engages your linguistic senses…The wealth of content really is impressive….” – whatsoniphone.com
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