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Spanish Anywhere features thousands of Spanish and English words, but there may be an instance where you require a word or phrase that isn’t included in our Dictionary. That’s why Spanish Anywhere also includes an online translator, powered by Google.

With your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device, just type in any word you can come up with into the quick and easy online translator, and you’ll get an instant translation. Plus if you encounter a word in Spanish that you don’t recognize, this helpful feature will provide the English translation.

With Spanish Anywhere on your device, it’s like having a tutor available whenever you need one! Whether for school, work, travel, or fun, this app will you improve your skills. Explore the rest of our website to see why so many people agree that Spanish Anywhere is the best Spanish/English-learning application on the market!

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  • “It is the best Spanish app on iTunes! It is so useful, even in my upper level Spanish classes. Spanish is my minor and this app is always helpful. Keep up the great work!” – S.

  • “Just returned from a trip to Ecuador. My Spanish is functional but I often needed to use the dictionary or verb conjugator. I love that you don’t have to be on-line to use these features.” – D.

  • “Right from the start, this app engages your linguistic senses…The wealth of content really is impressive….” –
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