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Our fun and useful features make Spanish Anywhere the best translation app on the market!

  • Completely bilingual user interface for both native English and native Spanish speakers
  • Spoken Word Audio with human voice recordings for every word and phrase! Just tap on any audio icon and you’ll hear a native speaker in English and Spanish**
  • Comprehensive bi-directional Dictionary includes over 10,000 word translations along with parts of speech
  • Amazing Verb Conjugator provides complete conjugation for over 1,000 verbs in both English and Spanish
  • Optional Online translator, powered by Google, lets you translate any phrase or word you can dream up *
  • Other than audio and the online translator, the application requires no data connection, so you can access the application without any additional charges
  • Practicing new vocabulary is more interesting and fun with games, such as Word Scramble, Spelling Quiz, and Hangman *
  • Quiz yourself with Categorized Flash Cards to practice vocabulary and parts of speech*
  • Unique Verb Deconjugator lets you convert from a conjugated verb in any tense back to the infinitive (i.e. “hablaron” -> “hablar”) **
  • More than 1,800 useful phrases organized into helpful Phrasebook and Reference categories including:
    • Basic Greetings & Conversation
    • Emergency!
    • Health & Body
    • Food & Restaurant
    • Travel & Transportation
    • Free Time & Nightlife
    • People & Family
    • Arts & Culture
    • Sports Activities
    • Around Town & Shopping
    • Work & Office
    • At Home
    • Communications
    • Weather, Science & Nature
    • Politics, Law & Society
    • Finance & Real Estate
    • Many more!

  • Phrase Search function helps you quickly find the included phrases *
  • Transliteration feature ensures perfect pronunciation of every word and phrase
  • Learn a New Word” function lets you expand your vocabulary every time you use it
  • Custom “My Own Words” feature lets you add and organize your own words for study, flashcards and games*
  • My Study List” allows you to select and mark the words you want to review most often*
  • Share the lists you’ve created in “My Study List” and “My Own Words” via email*
  • Includes a variety of helpful grammar lessons including commands, superlatives, prepositions and more
  • Handy Numbers tool converts digits to their written form in English and Spanish*
  • Convenient Unit Converter tool quickly converts Length, Volume, Temperature, and Weight between English and Metric systems *

* Feature currently only available in the iPhone and Android versions.

** Feature currently only available in the iPhone version.


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  • “It is the best Spanish app on iTunes! It is so useful, even in my upper level Spanish classes. Spanish is my minor and this app is always helpful. Keep up the great work!” – S.

  • “Just returned from a trip to Ecuador. My Spanish is functional but I often needed to use the dictionary or verb conjugator. I love that you don’t have to be on-line to use these features.” – D.

  • “Right from the start, this app engages your linguistic senses…The wealth of content really is impressive….” – whatsoniphone.com
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