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Download our newest version of Spanish Anywhere, available now for iOS 7.

What’s new?

iOS 7 Compatibility repairsGet new, useful content every week!

SA LIVE NEW ORGANIZATIONThe older SA Live content is now integrated into Situations

SA Live: Improved download speed

What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD Spanish Anywhere/ Inglés donde quieras!

Spanish Anywhere/ Inglés donde quieras for iPhone 5 & iOS 6!

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version of Spanish Anywhere/ Inglés donde quieras.

This new version is fully compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6.


- SA LIVE: Get new, useful content every week!

- NOTIFICATIONS: We’ll notify you when the weekly content is available.

- 2 NEW CATEGORIES with helpful phrases and words: Architecture & Tea.

What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD Spanish Anywhere/ Inglés donde quieras!

Check Out our New Site!

The team at Spanish Anywhere is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website!

Just like the app, our website is dynamic, easy to navigate, and completely bilingual. It’s also fully optimized for your mobile device. Most importantly, you can find all sorts of useful information!

Have a question? Our Support page has useful FAQs and contact details. Want to know about all the great features of Spanish Anywhere before you download? Take a look at our Features section for a detailed explanation of all our app has to offer. Want to know the latest happenings at Spanish Anywhere? Follow our Twitter feed or continue checking back here in the News section.

We at Spanish Anywhere love our app users and want to give them the best experience possible. We appreciate any feedback you have on either the application or the website.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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  • What people are saying:
  • “It is the best Spanish app on iTunes! It is so useful, even in my upper level Spanish classes. Spanish is my minor and this app is always helpful. Keep up the great work!” – S.

  • “Just returned from a trip to Ecuador. My Spanish is functional but I often needed to use the dictionary or verb conjugator. I love that you don’t have to be on-line to use these features.” – D.

  • “Right from the start, this app engages your linguistic senses…The wealth of content really is impressive….” –
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